A Gentle Spirit

A powerful and intense adaptation... I was especially struck by the masterful staging.”

”masterfully done”

”Beautifully performed... simple and effective. The movement between the actors and around the stage was masterful.”

”The artistry of the actors and adapter is evident.”

”An unbelievable level of nuance and subtlety.”

“A straight up classic dramatic tragedy done exactly the right way. The cast is excellent, the acting is excellent, the set and lighting design, directing, everything about this show is absolutely excellent.”

”A beautifully adapted story that is absolutely a must-see.”

”A fascinating character study brought eloquently to life by an intelligent and accomplished performance”

”Simply powerful... seeing it is definitely worth a couple of tears.”

”Excellent adaptation, well staged, and presented skillfully by two strong actors... absolutely no chinks in the writing or presentation to detract from this powerfully emotional story.
— MN Fringe Audience reviews

Somewhere The Sun Is

smart, honest, and true to real life.”

”raw and real”

“Andrew Watkins’ dialogue runs true to the characters and situation... wonderfully fleshed out by the company... poignant and memorable.”

”an intentional reveal of the humanity and the drawn-out world of the characters.”

”Unapologetic... The actors do a wonderful job of subtly building tension, with pregnant pauses and uncomfortable silences. The script is well-written and clean, with subtext directed in every movement.
— MN Fringe Audience reviews

Painting Portraits

This one hits. It’s a cleverly-written play full of sharp, succinct dialogue and well-rounded characters.
— MN Fringe Audience reviews
But there are times when the writer gets it right. Watkins is one of those writers.
— Matthew Everett, TCDaily Planet